Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Humboldt Hitz (A Clean Edit Album)

1 Keep It Hott Dancehall Remix (feat. tech n9ne)
2 No Way- mr.garth-culti-vader (clean edit)
3 Lady Jane (feat. elision, jelly roll and mika sun)
4 I Love U Maryjane (remix by b-swizlo)
5 Trapped (feat. sonny Seeza of (Onyx) and Myster Dl)
6 One Eye Up (feat. Myster Dl)
7 Humboldt S#! (feat. Mikasun, Garth, Elision, Jamezboy,potluck)
8 Stop Tellin (feat. Myka 9,garth and Abstract Rude)
9 I Love U Maryjane - (Album Version)
10 Keep It Hott (feat. tech N9ne Remix By Middleagent)
11 The Bottom (feat.sonsee of onyx ,myster dl and garthvader)
12 We Smoke (feat. Dirty Ratz,humanoids, Hiway and Garth)
13 Kush- Mr.garth-culti-vader (Clean Version)
14 Keep It Hott (feat. Tech N9ne) (album version)
15 No Way (Remix By Middle Agent))
16 I Love U Maryjane- Live At Reggae Rising 2007


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