Friday, April 27, 2012

PrizeRebel Quick Surveys Fast Money Updated New Tutorial Guide April 27th 2012

First off you need Firefox.

Next an addon called GreaseMonkey

Then an auto form filler program others will work too just a little different.
It fills in forms like name, address, birthday and phone etc. I use all real info besides phone number. Click identities to edit your Roboform data. To fill in forms with a hotkey press "ctrl+]". To edit identities either right click the icon on start bar and choose identities or right click the toolbar and choose identities. If you want it to fill automatically go to options and go to autofill tab and check autofill without asking and fill and submit my identities.

Now you need Greasefire to add the script to greasemonkey addon.

Finally download this Survey Helper (Beta Version) script.
Right click the install button and choose "View user script"
Greasefire should confirm the install.
It has all the needed scripts together and some bugs fixed that I edited myself.
Check if enabled tools-addons-greasefire scripts or if u want easy enabling and disabling with a button on browser, goto top right click and click customize and choose the greasemonkey button to be on you browser.

Last step is to go to use my referral for sign up.

Before you sign in clear cookies and cache!
Always accept all cookies!
Always have a extra tab open with your email to confirm some offers!
Never use real credit card information!
Always pass on the mobile phone pins!
Make sure to read directions very carefully!
Have plenty of spam email accounts!
Works on other survey sites too!
Don't forget its the last bonus weekend in April!
Have fun and thanks for checking my guide out!

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